Next workshops:

Central London  W2

13th January 2018  (session one)  27th January 2018 (session two)  3rd March 2018 (session three)

Signing in, tea, coffee and refreshments available from 12 midday – we recommend you arrive early to say hello and relax before the session with Psychotherapist Krish Nath, starts at 1pm prompt and runs until 4pm (please allow for session to run over by 15/20mins if you are booking trains)

Total cost for all three sessions:

£180 (£60 per session)  (£65 if you pay for each session separately)

We run the course over three consecutive sessions, in order to fully benefit from the workshops.

Please contact us to find out what Krish Nath CBT will be covering in each session or for any queries.



These are half day workshops on Asperger’s Syndrome for people in a relationship with someone with Asperger’s, or those who think their partner has it.

The session is aimed at educating and helping the NT partner learn more about Asperger’s and offers support, coping tips, strategies and help for the best ways to navigate what can be difficult and challenging ups and downs, of life in the NT/Aspie adult relationship.

These workshops offer support for NT partners of Asperger spouses. They are also a good opportunity to meet others in similar situations.

The group session is facilitated by Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist Krish Nath, who has been specialising in Asperger’s Syndrome for over 20 years.


Here’s some feedback from previous sessions:

The course is invaluable – especially to those who are new to it all and just can’t cope. The course, together with the advice and further reading has made a difference to me – there is light at the end of the tunnel where before it was just dark!

I am so pleased I read (the) article last year and also the blog on the Giraffe Workshops website. It has been such a relief to realise I am not the only wife (or partner) who has suffered for many years, knowing there was a problem with my partner but not knowing what.  When I attended my first workshop it was such an eye-opener to share similar experiences with so many other women.


Having input from an expert with amazing insights that I intend to put into practice – unexpected from the point of view of concentrating on ‘me’! Really enjoyed it.


Good and informative content from the presenters; wise and scientific! Good group support and experience sharing. It’s great! Many thanks.


I would recommend the workshops to anyone who loves their partner yet struggles to know how to live with them. I really appreciated the moral support of others in a similar situation and found it useful to learn what my partner can and can’t do and how to cope better – particularly how to best respond during an argument or a melt-down. It was also refreshing to talk about improving MY welfare rather than just focusing on my partner.

Meeting everyone and sharing.  It was a revelation to put myself first ‘this is about me really’.  I can do things and it’s not my problem – I can make my own choices independently.  thank you!


Loved meeting everyone and hearing their stories. Learning to focus on myself and ideas for how to change things for the better and reach acceptance.


Fab idea, fab support network – all round fabness!  Feedback for Krish – what an amazing man – loved his calmness and everything he said added up and was spot on!

The workshops have been so helpful, to know I’m not alone and meeting like minded people helped me a great deal. The strategies Krish taught us are invaluable not only when living with an ASD partner, but also in dealing with anyone who impacts our lives.

I am a stronger, calmer person nowadays and don’t let the small stuff get to me to much – which is not always easy! The workshops were informative and it was good to meet other partners. They increased my understanding of Asperger’s and acceptance of my situation.

The realisation that I am not alone, not going mad; that there’s a rational explanation for what I’ve been putting up with and that by learning better ways to respond (or not!) I will have a happier life.

It was great meeting other people in a similar situation and to be able to share our stories and concerns. I think Krish is a very patient and considered speaker. Personally it was good to hear that I need not feel so responsible for my husband’s emotions and actions…

It was really comforting to know I am not alone feeling the way I do in my exhausting relationship. Sharing stories with the others in the same situation was a huge weight off my mind.  The professional therapy from Krish was invaluable – I’ve already applied some of the coping tips I was given and have seen really positive results at home.  Thank you.

It’s been really interesting and worthwhile. Now time to reflect and look after me a bit more.

It was great to meet you all.  Just knowing there are women out there who are going through the same helps. I’m not feeling so isolated or feel like I am going mad.

We have set up a fundraising page.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated and all proceeds will go to helping us run the workshops.  (We are a non profit organisation).

Many thanks